CompuServe nostalgia — continued

(These items scrolled off the main page and are in reverse chronological order of addition to this list.)

ThumbnailEducational networks: Logging on to learning: An August 1984 Online Today story about using computers in schools for online research and communication, including CompuServe's work with Upper Arlington schools. Things were a lot different in the decades of yore: “Obviously, in most cases it’s easier to open a book than to conduct an online search.”

ThumbnailThe July 1984 communications surcharge: The modem access charge saga continues with this card in the July 1984 Online Today magazine announcing a 25¢-an-hour surcharge, followed-up in an August 1984 Online Today article explaining the surcharge in more detail.

ThumbnailModem Wars: From the December 1983 Today magazine, this article continues the topic of telephone company modem access charges in more detail, with a sidebar, “The shot that started Modem Wars,” about the events leading to the breakup of AT&T.

ThumbnailNetworkers face double whammy from FCC ruling: This August 1983 Today article was the first of a few articles about phone companies adding modem access charges to household phone bills as well as increasing what they charge companies like CompuServe, more or less the result of the breakup of AT&T. Also includes a Heathkit ad.

ThumbnailThe Electronic Mall: The April 1984 Online Today article announcing The Electronic Mall, plus a Mall ad from May, a note from the Mall Manager in July, and an Electronic Mall directory from August.

ThumbnailSo long, old friends: DEC's decision to end the PDP-10 line is the topic of this March 1984 Online Today article. Plus SC-40 and CompuServe VISION20 photos and DEC's “Bach or rock or Bacharach” instruction, and a Langley St. Clair ad for replacement CRTs (remember amber screens?).

ThumbnailCompuServe Games Highlights: “Sometime ago in the dark ages of computing (1973) two gentlemen by the names of Crowther and Woods decided to write a game on their University computer. The computer mainframe was a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-10, similar to ones that CompuServe still uses today. The game was Original Adventure and instantly became the classic standard of computer gaming. As Original Adventure set the standard in 1973, CompuServe hopes to set the gaming standards of today.” This 16-page brochure about games on CompuServe was included with the December 1983 Today magazine for CIS subscribers.

ThumbnailSteve Roberts: Computing across America: “Steve Roberts — inventor, author, and computerist extraordinaire — is very serious about his planned cross-country technological journey that should garner a gawk or two from more traditional travelers. Roberts is building and equipping a recumbent bicycle with two microcomputers and other assorted pieces of hardware that will make him, literally, both a tourist and an office on human-powered wheels,” in this September 1983 Today magazine article that led to his series of “Computing across America” articles.

ThumbnailPlaying in the present and future—Interactive gaming: A May 1983 Today magazine feature about multi-player games — MegaWars, SPCWAR, DECWAR — with comments by Bill Louden and Larry Shelley, plus a sidebar about the Wizard of Ten, Russ Ranshaw. Also includes a contemporary CIS ad (“Last night, CompuServe turned this computer into a travel agent for Jennie, a stock analyst for Ralph, and now, it's sending Herbie to another galaxy”) and an ad for the Tymshare Scanset terminal (“one-button CompuServe”).

ThumbnailBounce Back: Advertising enters the information age: Cal Hamrick describes the new Electronic Bounce Back feature that lets Today magazine readers request information from advertisers via CIS in this article from the Jan/Feb 1983 issue. It also contains a hint at the following year's launch of the Electronic Mall: “I would hope that someday we'd be able to offer the service of processing orders electronically.”

ThumbnailPioneering the on-line interview: Charles Bowen talks about conducting an interview via CompuServe CB in this article from the Jan/Feb 1983 Today magazine for CIS subscribers. “Photography for this article was obviously a problem. Andrew could send me any text he wanted through his terminal, but a computer can't take his picture for me (at least, not yet).” Also includes a CompuServe ad: “Last night we exchanged letters with Mom, then had a party for eleven people in nine different states and only had to wash one glass.”

ThumbnailCross assemblers: How to run cross assemblers (for the 1802, 6502, 6800, SC/MP, and Z80, among others) on CompuServe, from the Nov/Dec 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers. Also includes an RCA VP3501 Data Terminal ad.

ThumbnailNetworking & Data Security: a sidebar in the Nov/Dec 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers listing CompuServe security measures, ranging from backups to two data centers to thick, concrete walls. Also included is a MegaWars game ad.

ThumbnailTelidon: Graphics of the near future, an article from the Sept/Oct 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers, with comments from Larry Sturtz and Charles Csuri. The name “NAPLPS” was later adopted for this format/protocol. Also included is an ad for CompuServe's online football game.

ThumbnailInterest grows in videotex banking: from the Sept/Oct 1982 Today magazine is a feature about online banking on CompuServe, including Bank-at-Home at United American Bank and Shawmut bank, and Huntington Bank's online services.

ThumbnailCharles Csuri talks about computer-generated imagery: an interview in the Sept/Oct 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers. Also includes an ad aimed at potential Today magazine advertisers.

ThumbnailVideotex graphics: more than just another pretty picture: a Sept/Oct 1982 Today magazine interview with Sandy Trevor about graphics in CIS applications such as radar, games, and stock charts. Also included is a nostalgic Radio Shack TRS-80 Videotex Terminal ad.

ThumbnailCongressman uses email to talk with constituents: about Penna. Congressman James K. Coyne using an email setup from CompuServe, from the July/August 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers. Also included are nostalgic Atari Computer and RCA Videotex Data Terminal ads.

ThumbnailThe Compu-Station/11: A brief report on the installation of Compu-Serv's second PDP-11 in Los Angeles in February 1974; another installation at Amax; and the Compu-Station/11's appearance at the 1974 NCC, updated to add a history of Network II and a photo of CompuServe's Y138 serial interface board.

ThumbnailPrograms aid in flight planning, an article about the EMI Flight Planning service on CompuServe, from the July/August 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers. Also included are a sidebar about weather reports on CIS and an ad for the Panasonic Link, one of the earliest handheld computers.

ThumbnailGroups and clubs go national: a story about SIGs (later called forums) on CIS — “Now you can belong to clubs that have nationwide memberships and that meet 24 hours a day” — from the April 1982 Today, CompuServe's magazine for CIS subscribers. It includes a list of the SIGs that existed at that time.

ThumbnailDecwars was a multi-player game for up to 10 players, and here's an article about it from the April 1982 Today, CompuServe's magazine for CIS subscribers, plus a Commodore Computer ad.

Thumbnail“Baffled and sometimes even afraid of the mystery surrounding the magical keyboard and the deep dark screen? Well, fear no more.” Here's an article about The Children's Computer School in Columbus from the April 1982 Today, CompuServe's magazine for CIS subscribers. I've also included an ad for the OSU Computer Camp.

ThumbnailAll new electronic mail: an article about “CompuServe's newly-revamped electronic mail system” from the April 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers — not really all that interesting, but amusing to recall the days when “each ‘mailbox’ will store a maximum of 20 items” — plus some stats on the size of CIS at the time. I've also included an ad for Elephant floppy disks.

ThumbnailCompuServe announces major network service: a pair of articles about ComLink, the original name for CompuServe Network Services, from the January 1982 Today magazine for CIS subscribers. Also included is an ad for the then-new PC magazine.

ThumbnailEye on the sky: an article about John Galipault and the Aviation Safety Institute — and their use of CompuServe — from the October 1981 Today magazine for CIS subscribers.

ThumbnailThe Pioneer Spirit: an article from the October 1981 Today magazine for CIS subscribers about CompuServe teaming up with Pioneer, makers of the Qube hardware, to provide CIS access via cable TV systems.

ThumbnailCompuServe's network and modems: a pair of articles in the July 1981 Today magazine for CompuServe subscribers. I've also included a nostalgic ad for CompuServe's Line Printer Art Gallery.

ThumbnailCompuServe on Qube: a July 1981 Today magazine feature about CIS access via cable TV using an Atari computer, long before broadband services.

ThumbnailResearch and Development: an April 1976 Network News feature about Compu-Serv Network's new R&D group in Tucson.

ThumbnailProgramming, an April 1975 Network News feature about differences between applications programming and systems programming, among other things.

ThumbnailGot your ears on? A feature about the CB simulator in the July 1981 issue of Today, the premiere issue of CompuServe's magazine for CIS subscribers. And you'll never guess how the cover describes CB, giving it a particularly ironic (in retrospect) tag line. I've also included an article about the size of CIS at the time and a couple of old computer ads.

ThumbnailHandicaps vanish online, an April 1989 Online Today feature. “Online, no one knows if the friends they make are young or old, live near or far away, or are handicapped — unless they choose to explore those topics.”

Thumbnail“New offices”: March 1975 update about Building 2 — the final update — with the building nearly completed. “Everyone should be in their new locations within the next few weeks.”

ThumbnailBusiness or pleasure: Picture it on CompuServe, a June 1989 Online Today feature on computer graphics. “Those in use on CompuServe are Run Length Encoded (RLE); North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS); and Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), which was developed by CompuServe in 1987.”

ThumbnailA message from the President about building 2 and a report that Upper Arlington has approved signage, from February 1975.

Thumbnail“Computer junk valuable someday?” asks this May 1989 Online Today item. “Those old personal computers and programs that you’ve long since upgraded could be worth a small fortune.”

Thumbnail“Room to grow!”: January 1975 update on building 2 construction, which includes the building's first occupants and a press release about using the computers to heat the new building.

ThumbnailAn “electronic field trip” to a sunspot researcher, using CIS's Convention Center, NASA Select TV, and a voice synthesizer, from the January 1989 Online Today.

Reality“Our dream becomes reality”: December 1974 update on building 2 construction.

ThumbnailEfkeria: a November 1974 guest editorial by Bill DuVall about opportunity at Compu-Serve: “It is a company that started with an idea, and now employs over 190 people. It is growing larger by the day, but yet small enough not to be weighed down with the red tape and politics that hinder some of the industry giants.”

CompuServe 3.0The newest CompuServe view: July-August 1996 CompuServe Magazine feature about CompuServe 3.0 and its multitasking capabilities.

Progress“Won't be long now!”: October 1974 update on Building 2 construction.

ProgressBuilding progress: September 1974 update on Building 2 construction.

Thumbnail“It's News to Me,” a November 1994 CompuServe Magazine feature about online news. You might be surprised at how much was available on CompuServe back in those days, and aside from a few dated references, the article sounds like it had been written today: Many of the points it raises are the same as those being raised today.

Thumbnail“Compu-WHO?” to “you are the largest,” an August 1974 guest editorial by Al Keener about Compu-Serv: “Twenty years from now when Compu-Serv will celebrate its 25th anniversary, I am sure that everyone reviewing the history of the company will find 1974 to be a special year.”

Thumbnail“Still growing”: August 1974 update on Building 2 construction.

ThumbnailThe Corporate Identification Manual: “The CompuServe corporate identification system was designed to provide a positive, consistent visual representation of the company to its various audiences in a wide variety of communications media.” It standardizes the style and color of the company logo for various uses.

Thumbnail“We're growing”: July 1974 update on Building 2 construction.

Thumbnail“Plugging in corporate America to the wonders of videotex is something at which CompuServe Incorporated is becoming rather adept.” Here's an October 1984 Online Today story about Interchange, more-or-less a private version of CIS for companies that want to set up their own, internal information services.

Thumbnail“The legal phrase for hacking is ‘unauthorized access.’ Whatever you call it, the problem is rapidly being defined and faced by the computer communications industry.” Here's a July 1984 Online Today article about computer crime.

Operations thumbnail“The experience of being in Operations has enabled many people from the Department to move to positions in other departments and perform very well. One of every five employees is either currently in, or has once worked for Operations.” Here's a February 1976 Network News guest editorial by Paul Lambert about Operations, explaining what they did and including some interesting statistics.

GIF thumbnail“Now, with the introduction of Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)—pronounced ‘jif’—a universal exchange format for high-resolution graphic images is available to microcomputers without regard to hardware compatibility.” Here's the October 1987 Online Today story about GIF.

Building 1 thumbnail“Progress on our new facility at 5000 Arlington Centre Boulevard in Upper Arlington, Ohio, is proceeding rapidly,” notes a March 1973 story about the construction of Building 1, which will soon be ready with space for 8 PDP-10's.

On-the-air thumbnailElection results: Compu-Serv Network computerizes the tally and display of November 1975 election results for TV channel 4 in Columbus.

Photo thumbnailMiscellaneous photos (last updated 2010-02-20 with a 1976 computer room polyptych — a fairly detailed panorama-like view — and an outtake added to the computer room fisheye photo collection).

Building 2 model thumbnailNew building addition: a June 1974 article announcing details of Building 2.

Window thumbnailWhy no windows? A September 1980 essay to answer that question about later phases (post-Building-2) of Arlington Centre.

Network thumbnailWhy a Network? by Doug Chinnock, a 1974 article explaining why Compu-Serv was developing (what would later be called) Network II.

Flood thumbnailThe Great Compu-Flood of 1976.

Disk prices1990 CompuServe network diagram foldout from a CompuServe Value-Added Packet-Switched Data Network Services brochure.

LogoUpper Arlington approves Compu-Serv sign in February 1975.

Disk prices1970s-era Compu-Serv Network services and rates flyer.